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Zurvita – Zeal for Life Consultants Enjoy the Best Products and Company In the Industry

Zurvita – Zeal for Life consultants have known for a long time that regardless of  how good a compensation plan might be, you must have a great product and be supported by a great company with a vision and a defined plan of action to bring that vision to fruition. Zurvita – Zeal for Life is that and more. Zurvita‘s flagship product, the Zeal for Life wellness formula is a life-changing product that is impacting people on a daily basis. Zurvita’s –  is a natural, whole food supplement whose core ingredient s stabilized rice bran. For centuries man has known that stabilized rice bran is the most nutrient dense food source on the planet. And combined with Zurvita’s unique formulation, Zurvita – Zeal for Life brings you the healing powers of stabilized rice bran and 41 of the planets best super foods and nutrients. Zurvita – Zeal for Life is a solid product backed by a solid company with a staff that really cares about helping people. Founded by Mark and Tracy Jarvis, long time industry leaders who are on a crusade to nourish the planet one person at a time. That crusade also happens to include an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to become financially independent and successful in the operation of their own

Zurvita – Zeal for Life is Direct to Consumer Marketing

Zurvita – Zeal for Life’s marketing strategy is not unlike other companies in that they are leading edge marketing company leveraging the power of word-of-mouth advertising and the Internet to create the next-generation home business opportunity. This new business model creates immediate cash flow and generates long-term residual income from proprietary health and wellness products.  The philosophy is simple, use the efforts of many people to promote products directly to consumers in an effort to minimize costly overhead, marketing and other sales related expenses. The result is that Zurvita – Zeal for Life independent consultants can generate income from many different sources including immediate income from retail sales, weekly income from bonuses, and monthly, generational override income or long-term residual income. This type of marketing strategy employed by Zurvita – Zeal for Life helps put more money back into consultants pockets and reduces costs of the product for end consumer consumption thereby making it affordable for everyone. This is especially important in this current economic environment.  It is also key to point out that the growth this company is seeing right now is during a period of a “down economy” and economic decline.  Having said that, we know this Zurvita – Zeal for Life product is “strategically priced” for the current economic climate which makes this opportunity that much greater for everyone.

Zurvita – Zeal for Life is Uniquely Positioned for Long Term Growth

The wellness industry is rapidly approaching a $1 trillion industry and there couldn’t be a better time to get involved. As a Zurvita – Zeal for Life consultant you are uniquely positioned with a company and a product that soon will be a household name. Zurvita – Zeal for Life Drink product sales are increasing at double-digit rates monthly and word is getting around about this Zurvita – Zeal for Life Wellness product and the Zurvita – Zeal for Life business opportunity. Timing is everything in this direct sales marketing industry and where you are positioned within the company plan at this point in time will determine your quality of life this time next year as well as for many years to come.

Where Will You Be?

The question I pose to you is very simple but, I must preface this question was a little background about my personal experience in direct sales marketing. Back in 1991, I got involved in direct sales marketing company similar to Zurvita – Zeal for Life called Nu Skin. Nu Skin had many very unique, high quality, consumable products that were all the rage at the time. However, by the time I got involved, Nu Skin was already a household name and by then, it seemed that everyone was involved to some extent and so the “true opportunity” was long gone. Basically, I missed the boat.

The point I’m trying to make is that I got involved in Nu Skin about 3 years too late. This was after everybody jumped on the train to take a ride. At the time I joined Nu Skin, the company was experiencing something called “explosive growth.”  Very simply, this is a time when a company hits $50 million in annual sales and simultaneously, sales and growth take off like a rocket for the moon. That was about 25 years ago and since then Nu Skin operates in 51 markets, has $600 million in assets, had sales of $1.52 billion in 2010 and they paid distributors $646 million in commissions in 2010.  Here’s the crushing part that really hurts me deep inside…  the company reports on its website that every five days a Nu Skin distributor becomes a millionaire.

Join Me on This Journey With the Zurvita – Zeal for Life Opportunity

The point I’m trying to make is that I am not going to miss this opportunity that the Zurvita – Zeal for Life drink product has presented to me this time around.  I have been waiting 21 years to take advantage of another company with a unique and consumable product line to hit explosive growth and I have finally found it with the Zurvita – Zeal for Life opportunity.  The writing is on the wall and it is only a matter of time as I see Zurvita – Zeal for Life positioned to approach explosive growth within the next 18 months with the Zurvita – Zeal for Life Drink products. And this time around I know I am also perfectly positioned to go along for the ride.  Even better, I would like for you to go there with me.

So, come me and other successful Zurvita – Zeal for Life Drink consultants on our journey to make the most of this opportunity known as .

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